Returning Damaged Products


Customers have rejected PIDs , which are now back in the warehouse and need to be returned to Manufacturer / Supplier


When customers have rejected PIDs  due to damage / damaged box / etc,   and they get sent back to base,  this is how a customer can create a manifest to use to return them to source

 NB This ONLY applies to customers with WAREHOUSE add-on

Creating Returns Manifest

  1. Open ‘Warehouse > Stock Items & PIDs’

  2. Tick  ‘Only Show Rejected PIDs’


  3. Tick ‘Multi Select  mode’


  4. Select the PIDs that need to be returned


  5. Tick the ‘multi’ select tick box 


  6. This should select the lines you highlighted, but also leave the   ‘Returns’  icon  highlighted for use   (red triangle roadworks icon at top of screen)

  7.  Click the ‘Returns’  icon


  8. Add return date

  9. Enter supplier who will be delivering the rejects

  10. Add any comments

  11. Click on the green tick next to the comments box to create & print the ‘Return manifest’


  12. This will create a manifest to print out for the driver to take back with the rejected products


  13. NB  creating the manifest will also make the rejected PIDs  ‘old’  so they can’t be picked again



If you need to reprint an old Return Manifest


  1. go into Stock Items & PIDs

  2. Click ‘Returns’  icon

  3. Using the Return Id: dropdown,  select the record and then press the green tick