Journease asking for credentials when clicking on the icon


We have noticed that occasionally, usually due to an update on your PC, the Log-In credentials for Journease get dropped.

This results in Journease asking for Log-In details (or in some cases a PIN) when you click on the Journease Icon where previously it did not.

To rectify this follow the below instructions, note you will need to know your Log-In Username & Password for Journease, this would have been sent to you when you first signed up to Journease. If you do not know your password then call support on 0117 958 6180 and we can find it for you.


  1. Navigate to the Control Panel 

  2. In the top right corner select View by: Small icons

  3. Select Credential Manager

  4. Select Windows Credentials

Here you should see entries for the following two connections:-


  2.  (will sometimes have TERMSRV/ in front of it

If either or both of these are missing then they will need to be re-entered, note: it is usually the portal one that gets dropped through an update.

To re-enter your credentials

  1. Click Add a Windows credential


  1. In the next screen enter

    1. The Server Name (e.g.

    2. Your FULL username (e.g.

    3. Your Password (should be eight digits long)

  2. Click OK to save the credentials

  1. Once both servers are in the list you can close this window and the Control Panel window to get back to your Desktop

  2. Double click on the Journease Icon and it should now open without asking for credentials



If you encounter any problems while doing the above please call Support on 0117 958 6180 where we will be pleased to assist. Related articles