Running a Job using the Mobile Device

Once a Job has been created and is ready to go, it can be sent to the supplier/drivers mobile using the Send button on the Job Screen, when you click this you will get a message saying that the job is being sent to the supplier - click OK



Open Journease Mobile App and you will get the pop-up shown in the picture, Click on Accept to accept receipt of the Job (If you wish to decline the Job you will still need to accept receipt and will be able to decline the Job at the next screen)

To decline a Job, press and Hold the address and select Decline Job from the next screen.

If the Job is not declined then it will appear on the mobile as shown (picture A) and will appear on the Live Console as normal (Picture B)

When you arrive at the first destination (in this case the collection address) click on the first address in the list then click on the Arrived button (picture A). This will automatically update the live console with your arrival time (picture B) and will start the clock on the waiting time.

When you are viewing a Job, clicking on SHOW ON MAP will open your devices map software (e.g. google maps - this is third party software and is dependant on what is installed on your device). It will show the location of the Job Address and (dependant on software) will allow you to navigate to the location.

When you have the goods on board click on the GOB button and fill in the details as required (picture A) get the signature of the person responsible for loading the goods (he can use his finger to write his signature). Click Save, this will then automatically update the Live console with the GOB information (picture B) and will calculate any waiting time if required and recalculate the delivery time based on the GOB time.

As with the above collection, when you reach your next address click on the address in the list and click Arrived (picture A). This will update the Live Console (picture B)

Once the goods have been unloaded you can get Proof Of Delivery (POD) by clicking on the POD button, filling in the relevant information and getting a signature (picture A). this time when you click Save you will get a pop-up asking for confirmation that the signature is correct (picture B), click Yes if it is, clicking No will take you back to the screen and clear the signature so it can be entered again.

Once accepted the Live console will be updated automatically to show POD information, if the Customer does not require HC PODs then the Job will complete and you will be asked if you wish to remove it from the console

Open up the Job Screen in Journease, Highlight the first addess and click on the Show Address button Then click on the GOB / POD Info tab to see the details of the GOB.

The same can be done for the Collection POD on the second address

A POD report can now be printed if required showing the details of the GOB and POD including signatures for this Job

Should you arrive at an address and are unable to complete the collection/delivery then you can click Failed, you will then be taken to the screen shown in the picture where you can use the default reason or use the drop down box to select a different reason. this will then clear the job from your device and update the live console to say that the job has been failed.

Update Version 6.6.767

 Fig 1.

 Fig 2.

A new ability to Pull (remove) Jobs or Trips from a Mobile User, without the need to send them to another user can now be actioned from either the Jobs & Quotetions screen or the Trips screen depending on what you are trying to remove.

  1. Expand the mobile Section (Blue Arrowhead Fig 1.)
  2. Click on the Pull icon (Green Arrow Fig 2)

Note: this can only be done from Action Screens > Jobs & Quotations or Action Screens > Trips, it cannot be done from the Live Console