Setting up Journease on a Mobile Device or Mac


If someone wishes to run Journease from an Apple device (MACbook, IPad, etc)

NOTE:- this method will also work for Android Devices.

Step-by-step guide

Journease Azure Users

  1. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop v10 from the Apple store -( V8.1 on IPad/IPhone/Android Device)
  2. Open the APP and click on the  +  button (top right) and select FEED  (maybe says  'Remote Resources' now )     :   (Android devices select Remote Resource) -   (  NB in MS Remote Desktop v10.3 on a mac,  you want to add a 'workspace'   
  3. The feed for the Remote Resource should be then press Next   (or maybe 'Done')
  4. Enter your log in credentials as emailed to you by Journease Staff when you signed up. These should be in the form:- and Password
  5. Tick the Remember me box then click OK
  6. This is the end of the set up, double click on the new icon to open Journease - NOTE the first time you do this a prompt box may pop up, if so tick the Don't ask me again for the remote connections from this publisher box and click Connect

  1. Only do the below if you want to Export Accounts data from Journease using your mobile device, This is important if you are going to be using the MAC to manage your accounts files,
    1. Using the MAC Browser create a folder named Journease Files
    2. click on the drop down box next to the cog *v and select preferences
    3. At the bottom of the General tab select the above folder as the folder to be mapped.
    4. You will now need to set the path in Journease.
    5. Lookup>Defaults Settings>Accounts>Path to accounts file should now be set to \\tsclient\Drive Letter\Journease Files