Setting up Journease on a Windows PC


How to install Journease Software on a windows PC - 

Journease Azure Users please scroll to bottom of the Solution window


To Install Journease onto another PC (Cloud Users):-

Journease Azure Users

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Open Remote App and Desktop Connections
  3. On the first page enter then press Next
  4. On the next page click Next
  5. Enter your log in credentials as emailed to you by Journease Staff when you signed up. These should be in the form:- and Password
  6. Tick the Remember me box then click OK
  7. Once it has finished testing the connection click Finish
  8. On the connection details page click on View Resources
  9. In the box that opens Right click on the Journease Icon and select Copy
  10. Go to your desktop, Right click and select Paste
  11. This is the end of the set up, double click on the new icon to open Journease - NOTE the first time you do this a prompt box may pop up, if so tick the Dont ask me again for the remote connections from this publisher box and click Connect

Note that you can install Journease software on as many PCs as you wish, however you can only run one instance per licence at any one time, this means that if you only have one licence and have Journease installed on two PCs only one PC will be able to log on at a time, should the second PC log on using the same account then the first PC will be disconnected. If you wish to run Journease on multiple PCs simultaneously you will need to acquire multiple licences.

Non Cloud Users will need to contact Journease Support on 0117 9586 180 to have the standalone version installed and activated.