Journease cant see my Local Printers / Drives


When trying to print or export a file I cannot see my local drives in Journease


As Journease is a web based remote application it requires a redirection of your local drives - This is initiated automatically when you open Journease however sometimes a problem can occur which results in the redirection not happening

To fix this problem we need to restart the Journease remote connection

  1. Close down Journease completely
  2. Wait for app. 1 minute to ensure that the connection has been cut
  3. Restart Journease, If the first message to show is Journease logging in and loading maps then the connection did not reset, however if the first pop-up is a grey box saying connecting to remote app (or words to that effect) then your PC is creating a new connection to the application.
  4. For Printers - Once Journease has logged in go to Reports, run any report, click on the Print icon and check that your printers are available
  5. Click Cancel and close the reports page. End of Fix
  6. For Drives - Once Journease has logged in go to Browser, Click on the export table button (middle icon of the three to the top right of the table) and select Yes from the pop-up, click on the Browse Folder icon and check that your drives can now be seen
  7. Click Cancel and close the browser page. End of Fix

If the above did not rectify the problem then please call Journease Support and one of our technicians will be happy to assist