Screen is too small / Large when logging into Journease


When logging into Journease, after being logged in on another machine, the screen is distorted with incorrectly sized icons and text


This is usually due to a mismatch between the PC screen resolution and Magnification settings.  The problem is increased when the user logs in on another PC using the same credentials.

Journease will collect information about the screen resolution and screen magnification when it first connects to the Application Server (this is when you see the connecting box with the green bar running left to right).

Error on one PC 

  1. Check that the Magnification setting for windows is set to 100% - if the screen is magnified this can cause errors with the screen resolution when connecting
  2. If you require the screen icons to be bigger then reduce the resolution of your screen as opposed to increasing the magnification.

Error when connecting on another PC using the same credentials.

As stated above the screen resolution is set when first connecting to Journease Application Server, If you are logged in on one machine and then log in on another machine it doesn't reconnect to the server as a new session, rather it takes over the session that is already in use, thus using the screen resolution / magnification settings that were set up for that session.

  1. Log out of Journease completely and wait for approximately one minute, this will ensure that the current session is dropped this forcing a new session when next logging on.
  2. Try logging back in on the 2nd machine, this will now create a new session and will set the resolution / magnification to that of the 2nd machine.

Note - - Change resolution NOT magnification