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File ServersReport Creation GOOD
Gateway ServersManage connections to the servicesGOOD
Host ServersJournease ApplicationGOOD
RDWebClientJournease Application via Web BrowserGOOD
Database ServerAccess to customers databaseGOOD
Web ServicesDelivery Booker, Warehouse PDAs, Journease Mobile, Email ServiceGOOD
Bing Maps APIGeocoding for Postcode (Microsoft)GOOD


Current Issues





RDWebClientThe WebClient has been taken down and is undergoing repair, this information has now been separated from the main Host Servers, used for the desktop connection, which is up and working


RDWebClientAn issue this morning with one of our APP servers has caused problems with Log On and disconnects, our IT Team are currently addressing the issue


Bing Maps APISystem appears to be running as normal now, still awaiting final confirmation form BING Maps.


Bing Maps APIBing Maps are currently experiencing problems with their API and Website, this is causing knock on effects like slowness and crashes in Journease when calculating routes. 


Gateway ServerIssues with Microsoft that have affected countrywide internet connections, these are being resolved by Microsoft and the connections are coming back online, Our servers are now accepting connections.
Gateway ServerIssues with connecting to Journease due to Major outages across the Microsoft Azure network, This is affecting a number of ISP providers causing internet issues throughout the UK. Keep trying to connect, once connected stay connected.

Bing Maps APIMicrosoft have reported that this service is now back up and running, tests on the system have proven this.
Bing Maps API

There is currently an issue with the Bing Maps API that Journease uses to geocode postcodes. Because of this any postcodes that are entered within Journease will bring up a box asking to select the address from a list (which is not there).

  1. The work around for this on the Job Screen is to either use the W3W feature if you have it turned on, or
  2. go onto Bing Maps on the internet and put in your required postcode
    1. Right Click on the address and select COPY from the box that pops up
    2. paste this into postcode field on the job screen
    3. name it the same as the postcode (e.g. BS16 3RY)

This will then enter the Lon / Lat without requiring the API to Geocode for you

Gateway ServerIssues have now been resolved and connections should now be working, there may be a few speed issues over the next half hour or so while the application load balances between the servers.
Gateway ServerOngoing issue with connecting to Journease, we have found the issue and are currently fixing, if you have errors when logging in please keep trying at app. 5 min intervals until you connect, Once you are logged in do not log out at least until we give the all clear.


Gateway ServerIssue with one of our Gateway servers means that some people may have issues connecting to Journease, Our server team are looking into this issue and we will post updates here as we receive them...for the time being, anyone experiencing issues, please wait for a few minutes and then try again, you will eventually be able to connect.

Database Server 3All issues have now been fixed and the Server is now running as expected
Database Server 3This Server issue was corrected over the weekend, however, another issue with a hung process has now come to light. This is being patched and fixed this morning


Database Server 3

We have added extra resources to this server which should alleviate some of the speed issues, note this is not a fix and investigations are still ongoing to find the root of the issue

however this should now allow for better performance from the server across all users.

Database Server 3

We are experiencing intermittent issues with database server 3, customers that have databases residing on this server will experience a slow working environment

our Tech team are currently looking into this and will have the system back to normal as soon as possible

API - Web ServiceThe reported issues have now been resolved and normal service has been resumed


API - WebServerWe are currently experiencing a problem with our API & Web Service This will affect Delivery Booker, Emails and Warehouse PDAs

API - Web ServiceThe reported issues have now been resolved and normal service has been resumed
API - Web ServiceWe are currently experiencing a problem with our API & Web Service This will affect Delivery Booker, Emails and Warehouse PDAs