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This has been found to happen if there are no "Employee" suppliers recorded in the system. 

Temporary Work Around:-

Set up a 'bogus' supplier set as an employee, you will never need to use this supplier he just needs to be in the system

When a credit note is raised using the 'Raise Credit' button on the Financial Tab of the Job Screen, it asks if you wish to raise credit immediately,
  • if you answer yes it will then ask if you wish to email the credit note to (the accounts address for the customer) 
  • On clicking yes it actually emails it to the email address on the Further Info Tab of the Job Screen

Temporary Work Around:-

  1. When saving the credit note and asked if you wish to e-mail the credit note - click NO
  2. When asked if you wish to Print the Credit Note - click YES
  3. Click on the show email button in the top right of the print preview and enter the correct email address then click SEND

After yesterdays update it has been found that Journease can crash if there are no saved addresses set against a customer - Crash shows as Error 6 Description: overflow

After yesterdays update it has been found that Journease crashes with a Run Time error "97" Can not call friend function on object which is not an instance of defining class

Balance Sheet total is showing incorrect totals for the Batch if there are Additional Prices that have a Zero Rate VAT

Altering a remembered Collection / Delivery address on the Customer screen (Address Tab) was sometimes causing Journease to crash

Clients connected through the new Azure App Servers are finding that the job screen is opening in Full Screen by default instead of mid level

Issue with viewing uploaded Images (HC PODS) on the Job Screen, getting error requesting Adobe install

SDCN is showing error when trying to post a job - this has been an ongoing issue 

If you only have log in credentials for SCDN and not Courier Network then when trying to post a job to the SCDN the "post advert to selected exchanges" button is greyed out

Temporary Work-around:

 Navigate to Lookup > Administration > Third Party Vendors > Courier network and enter some credentials (these can be anything as they are not validated at this point)

Enter the required fields and save the third party vendor

When posting a Job to the exchange ensure that Courier Exchange is UN-TICKED otherwise you will get a post error when you proceed.

The "post advert to selected exchanges" button is now active

When a job number is entered that does not exist in the database it is causing Journease to Crash 

On the Supplier Match Invoices screen, when trying to order by a date field, the column only orders by the DAY part and not the whole date

Devices that are upgraded or are using Android v9 (PIE) cannot receive push notifications, this is due to a change in the security requirements for push notifications on Andoir v9(PIE)

Temporary Work-around:

Drivers will still be able to get Jobs but will need to manually sync the device, this can be done by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and selecting Synchronise

Bug where the date set by the user, on the Job Tracking and Trace screen, is not being recognised when adding details to the tracking history, instead entered date/time is being used - this then transfers to the Web Tracking page.

Bug where when the Live Console automatically refreshes, the curser will move the focus to the status field of the first job in the top screen.

Bug where when entering details of POD and pressing TAB key to move to next field, the curser will move the focus to the status field of the top Job Address in the list.

Bug where automatic emails are being bounced back as unsendable:-

This issue appears when you are using Optimise Route when creating a Job, when you click on Calc j'ny, with the Optimise stops tickbox selected, Journease adds the address position as an email address, subsequently any auto-emails sent out to these addresses will flag an error to say that it is unsendable.

Temporary Work-around:

  1. If you do not need to optimise the addresses then ensure that Optimise stops is not ticked
  2. If you do need to optimise the addresses then you will need to edit each address and remove the number from the E-Mail field.

Bug where when creating a Job on Journease Mobile, clicking on the save button after entering Job details does not upload the Job, clicking on the back button will warn you that the details entered will be lost but still posts the Job Twice.

Temporary Work-around: 

  1. Click the back button, click YES when asked if you want to exit the screen without saving, this will still save the Job twice with two different job numbers.
  2. On Journease select one of the Jobs numbers and click Delete Job, enter DELETE when prompted, this will remove the duplicate Job.