Set Up a New Mobile User

Fig 1

 Fig 2

Fig 3

  1. On the mobile phone navigate to either the Apple store or the Google play store depending on your phone O/S
  2. Search for the Journease Mobile App (Fig 1), note this is for Journease mobile users, there is also a Journease warehouse app which is only used with Journease Warehouse and is explained in a separate section.
  3. Install the App onto the phone
  4. Once installed run the App, the first time it is run you will be asked for a Username and Password (Fig 2) this is created in Journease by navigating to Lookup>Administration>Mobile App Users (Fig 3)
  5. Once there click on New and input a unique username and use the drop down box to allocate this mobile licence to a supplier / driver
  6. Click Save at which point the associated Email Address will appear in the username column (note if the supplier/Driver does not have a default Email Address set against them then your company's default Email Address will be used as a username) and a unique Password will be generated, enter these details into the mobile App.