Fault Finding

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If the Live Console is not updating automatically when GOB/POD information is taken on the mobile app then first check the following:-

  1. Signal Strength - ensure that the mobile has a good signal strength (usually three bars and above), if the mobile does not have a good signal strength then the details will remain on the phone and can be passed to the Live Console once a good signal is achieved and synchronisation occurs, this may mean that the Live Console does not update until after the Address is completed and the driver is on his way to the next address, however the time details will be correct and show as the time that it was entered on the mobile app (Not the time it was sent to Live Console).
  2. Data Allowance - Ensure that your mobile device has adequate data allowance, as Journease sends information over the mobile broadband the device must have enough data allowance remaining to send the data.
  3. Not Synchronising - If the above criteria are met but the Live Console is still not updating then, on the mobile device, click on the three dots in the top right of the screen (Fig 1) and select Synchronise to force a synchronisation with Live Console
  4. Should none of the above work please call Support on 0117 9586 180
When contacting SupportYou may be asked by support to send the mobile device data, to do this click on the three dots in the top right of the mobile app and select Settings this will bring up the menu shown in Fig 2 (to send device data press the bottom option - see below)
Currently Licenced ToThis shows details of the company and user that this mobile is allocated to and the date/time of activation
Register Push NotificationsThis is used when push notifications are not being received by your device, i.e. the user is not getting a pop-up to say that new jobs are available (note this is different to synchronisation and if the user restarts the app he will still get new notifications, this is for when notifications are not being received while the app is running). Due to advancements in the way Android works with its Apps this is very rarely required now, however the IPhone App will not accept push notifications.
Reset Device LicenceUsed to clear the licence information for this mobile app. If cleared then the mobile app will require a new activation code to re-connect (see Setting Up A New User)
Reset Background DataThis will clear all background data from the mobile device (e.g. vehicle check history, stored photos, stored signatures) all these will still be available in journease providing the mobile has been able to synchronise.
Send Device DataThis is the button to press when asked by Journease support staff, it will send all mobile data to the support servers where it can be viewed by support staff, as there is a large amount of data generated in this send, only do this when asked by a member of the support staff, this will make it easier to locate and label your specific data package for viewing.
Modern Hi Resolution Cameras on newer Mobile Devices

We are now seeing mobile devices with camera resolutions of 27mpx, 48mpx and even 108mpx. While this is nice for mobile users to grab some great shots of their lives, it does not bode well when using these devices for Image Capture on Journease Mobile

Firstly, the compression needed on these photos to get them to fit on a standard report will change the captured image to a very poor quality.

Secondly, the size of the image files that are being sent to Journease from these Mobile Devices will drastically increase the data usage of Journease Mobile and in some cases can stop the Mobile from updating the Job Address as it takes such a long time to send that much data that the API link "Times Out".

Some of the new Mobile Devices have multiple cameras available and when an image is taken it will take multiple images, although it will only show as one image having been taken on the mobile device, when this information is sent through to Journease it will  import multiple images (one for each of the camera lenses on the mobile), this again can cause issues with data usage and size of files transferred.

Because of this it is recommended that the maximum camera resolution used for Journease Mobile Image Capture (and POD Image Capture) is no more than 12mpx and a single camera be used.

NOTE:- this is a recommendation not a decree and the use of High REs Modern Mobile Devices is your choice, but please bear the above in mind when opting to use newer devices.