Journease Mobile not synchronising Job data


New Jobs, Job updates or GOB/POD information not being sent or received on the mobile device.


The most common cause of this is when the mobile device is in a bad signal area.

If this is the case then any information will be stored on the mobile device until it can be sent to the Journease database, or in the Journease database until it can be sent to the mobile device i.e when you are in a good signal area.

Once you are in a good signal area you will need to trigger a sync. This will happen providing:-
  1. You are in the mobile app and switching between pages or reviewing job data - please note it is NOT enough to simply have the App running, you must be in the App for it to sync.
  2. You close the App down completely then open it again.
  3. In the App main screen, click the three dots in the top right hand corner and click Synchronise

N.B. If you move from a bad signal area to a good one Journease Mobile WILL NOT automatically sync, you need to be doing something in the App to trigger a synchronisation