What is the requirement for Android PDAs


What is the minimum requirement for Android devices to run Journease Mobile (PDA) and Journease Warehouse (Scanner)


Please see below for a list of requirements to run Journease Apps on an Android device

Required for All

  1. Android version 5 (Lollipop) or newer
  2. Play-store to enable install of Apps
  3. Integrated Camera
  4. Wifi connectivity

Additional Requirements for Journease Mobile

  1. GPS is required for Journease Mobile even if you do not intend to use this feature
  2. 14MB storage space required for Journease Mobile Installation

Additional Requirements for Journease Warehouse

  1. GPS is NOT required for Journease Warehouse
  2. 13MB storage space required for Journease Warehouse Installation
  3. Bluetooth v3.0 or greater required for Journease Warehouse installation

Data Usage

The data transfer between the Mobile App and the Journease consists simply of text which uses very little in the way of Data.

  • For the standard signature capture feature this will be below 1GB / Month

If you opt for Photo Capture or are using the POD Photo feature then this will put the data usage up as we then need to transfer image data,

  • This again would depend on the quality of image that you are uploading.

Data Usage Test

Mobile PhoneHonor 9 Lite
Android Version9 (PIE)
Mobile DataON

Address TypeCollection
Address Photos10 (max)
Photo QualityHighest
Data Usage3.91MB
Address TypeDelivery
Address Photos10 (max)
Photo QualityLowest
Data Usage2.68MB
Overall Data Usage for Job11.48MB

The difference shown in the data usage between collection and delivery is due to the photo quality setting.

This is merely an example of data usage and is no way intended as a guarantee

NOTE:- Journease Mobile will use the default connection on your mobile device

  • If you have your mobile device set to only use Mobile Data if Wifi is not available then Journease will send over Wifi if it is available 
  • If you have Mobile Data turned OFF then Journease will try to send over Wifi only
    • If Wifi is not available then details will remain on Journease Mobile until it is
    • This will also work if you have mobile data on but are in a low signal area

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