Correcting Invoices that have been processed

If you have created and processed an Invoice, or number of invoices, that you wish to correct or delete

Step-by-step guide

This can only be done by someone with administrative rights within Journease

Navigate to Lookup>Administration>Utilities

On the right hand side of the General Tab is the Invoicing section

To undo the latest Invoice use Roll Back Invoices

To delete a selection of Invoices use the Un-Invoice section

  1. Enter the first Invoice number to be deleted
  2. Enter the last Invoice number to be deleted - This will delete these two invoices and everything in between
  3. To only delete a single Invoice use the same Invoice number in both boxes
  4. Click Go
  5. A box will pop up warning you of what is going to happen and the consequences of doing so - THE INVOICE NUMBERS THAT YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO UN-INVOICE WILL BE LOST AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE RE-USED.
  6. Click Ok
  7. As a further check you will be asked to type UN-INVOICE in the text box
  8. Click Ok
  9. You will now get a pop up telling you that it has been completed

To change the Job price or Invoice Date on an Invoice that has been processed you can do this simply by using the Alter Invoice section

  1. Enter the invoice number you wish to change
  2. The Jobs will be listed with yellow backgrounds, however the Job Price and Invoice date will be in a blue background and can be changed here
  3. Once changed click Commit & Re-Print to save the changes - A warning will pop up to remind you to destroy any hard copies of the original Invoice
  4. Click Ok
  5. As a further check you will be asked to type ALTER INVOICE in the text box
  6. Click Ok