Completed Jobs not showing in Self-Billing Invoicing


We have created an Invoice for Self-Billing but some completed Jobs are not showing


This can be caused by a number of reasons, the most common is that the date that self billing was set up is later than the date of completion of the Jobs

  1. Check the date that the missing Jobs were completed
  2. Open Journease and navigate to Lookup/Supplier & Driver Details/ and select the supplier in question
  3. On the suppliers page check the date set against self billing
  4. Change this date to before the date that the jobs were completed for them to show in the Jobs Costs To Be Paid list in Finance/Supplier - Self Billing
    1. Note: This should only be done if jobs are missing to allow them to be self billed. Do not change the date to one before the required self-billing documentation has been signed as this would constitute an illegal act