Journease will not connect or freezes after a few minutes


when trying to connect to Journease the connection window shows but it doesnt connect


This is usually due to outdated connections being cached - follow below to reset your cache for the journease connection

  1. Close down your journease connection - you may need to ‘End Program’ from the Task Manager

    1. Right Click on your taskbar

    2. Select Task Manager

    3. in the list of running Apps select Remote Desktop Connection

    4. Click End task

    5. Close the Task Manager

  2. Open your Control Panel

  3. Select View by small icons in the top right and then Remote App and Desktop Connections (Fig.1)

  4. In the connection window for Journease Cloud RemoteApp select View Details (Fig.2)

  5. In the View Properties window click on Update Now (Fig.3)

  6. You will see a window saying Updating the connection… (Fig.4) - this should take no more than a few seconds to run

  7. When you see the window saying You have successfully updated the following connection click on Finish and close your Control Panel window (Fig.5)

  8. You can now double click on your Journease Icon and open Journease in the normal way

If you still experience problems after trying the above then please give Support a call on 0117 958 6180 and one of our support technicians can connect up to your PC and check your connection.

If you need to connect to Journease in the mean time you can connect you will need your Journease Licence details in order to log on.