How do I undo/rollback the latest Invoice


I need to undo/rollback the last invoice that was committed to the system.

Please be aware that this method will only work for an invoice that has just been created, for other invoice corrections refer to How Do I Create a Credit Note.


If you have just created an invoice or batch of invoices and realised that you didn't mean to process them then you can roll them back

WARNING - this will roll back every invoice made since the error and cannot be done if invoices have been put through accounting software. 
  1. Navigate to Lookup/Administration/Utilities
  2. On the right hand side of the General Tab is a section entitled Invoicing
  4. Using the drop down box select the invoice number that you wish to roll back (This will also roll back all invoices above this one in the list)
  5. Click on the Go button
  6. Click Ok on the warning pop-up
  7. Type ROLL BACK INVOICES in the box and click ok
  8. The invoice will be rolled back and all relevant information will be placed back into the system.


  1. Select a start invoice number and an end invoice number maximum of 50 invoices inclusive at one time (if you just need to remove one invoice make these values the same)
  2. Click on the Go button
  3. Click Ok on the warning pop-up
  4. Type UN-INVOICE in the box and click ok
  5. The required Invoices will be undone (The Invoice numbers will be lost and cannot be re-used )