Using Journease via a Web Browser


I need to access Journease from a computer i don't usually use / or that Journease is not installed on

It is now possible to run Journease as a remote app via a web browser.

 Google CHROME browser works best, but should work in any standard web browser


NB to access Journease via this method , you will need to know the user account and password that you normally use to connect to our remote app server.

This information will usually have been passed on to your main email contact we have for your company.

If you do not know this information you should contact or via the usual support number


Steps to run the Journease app in a Browser

  1. In your web browser, Go to this URL (click link below or copy and paste into the address bar)

2. You will then be asked to login to the remoteapp server - you need use your usual Journease license login info for this


User =

password = Pa$5w0rd


3. Next you will get a page with the Journease icon - double click It

5. Then you will be asked to login again - use the same username and password as you did in step 2



6. If you get a request asking to allow access to resources, such as Printers, Drives etc. - thick the appropriate boxes and select Yes


7. Wait a short while for Journease to load, then login using your normal Journease user id and password


Journease will now be running in your web browser !

NB: As usual, if someone is already logged in as their session will be ended if you also login to the web based app as




NB. When you are finished using Journease , please remember to log out

  1. From Journease menu bar : File > Exit > ‘Are you sure you want to logout?’ > Yes

2. Then from Browser - top right of window > click ‘Sign Out’



PLEASE NOTE: Current Limitations to using Journease via the web browser app are:

1.Printing reports eg invoices / job sheets, etc - Instead of going to your printer, it ‘prints’ to a ‘remote desktop virtual printer’ , which effectively will download the report as a PDF to your computer , which can then in turn be printed or emailed as required

NB: Depending on what you are going to do with the PDF, the downloaded file may need renaming from ‘Remote Print Job.pdf’ to something more specific


2. Exporting CSV from ‘data views’ or ‘browser views’ - This can now be done by sending the exported file as an attachment to an email address. but note it will not work using the Export Button


3. Exporting of Accounts files - This can also only be done using the standard desktop version